Intelligent key recovery services

If you talk to anybody that has lost a set of keys they will tell you how much frustration and worry it causes.  If they've been stolen it's not long before feelings of panic and despair set in.  Fortunately in most cases the missing keys have been either innocently lost, or, if in the result of casual crime, discarded.

In both of these cases can help.

How does it work?

We give each of our customers a high quality durable key tag individually coded with a reference number and barcode.  Should those keys be lost the finder is invited to post them in any Royal Mail post box.  They are then sent to our key recovery centre where the customers details are retrieved.  The owner of the keys is contacted and is asked to perform a authenticity check of the keys and to confirm their address.  Once this is complete the keys are then sent back to the customer via registered post for added comfort and protection.

We also send an email (and optionally an SMS text message) immediately should we recieve any keys with a registered key tag.  You can also use the customer area of our website to check if any keys have been sent back to us should you not have direct access to your email or phone.  Finally we provide a telephone hotline should you wish to talk to somebody directly.

To summarise :-

  1. You lose a set of keys with your tag on.
  2. A finder posts them straight into a post box back to us, no postage is required.
  3. We contact you and perform an authenticity check via the unique code on your key tag.
  4. We send your keys back to you using registered post.

Our key tag

Our key tags are unobtrusive and lightweight.  Resembling a small credit card (56mm x 26mm) they slip onto your key ring.  You'll be hard pushed to notice the 2 gram difference in your pocket!  They are extremely friendly to the environment as they do not contain any cellulose based materials and therefore do not contribute to forest harvesting.

Business and corporate branding

For business and corporate clients you'll be pleased to know we are able to offer a custom key tag design service, further extending your brand as well as giving a useful benefit to your customers.  What about using the opportunity to send out some of your own literature with your key tag?  This, as well as many other custom requirements can be catered for, on request.  Wrapped up with great volume discounts we hope you'll find our service offering complementary to your own products and services.  Why not take a look at our corporate information and see what sort of solutions we are able to provide.

More information

If you would like more information please contact us and somebody will get back to you the same business day.

Lost keys that find their own way home.